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Managed state in the cloudas a Key-Value store

Basic read & write easy as 1, 2, 3

Our simple HTTP API makes easy things easy. Create a bucket, store data, and read data all from a single endpoint. Use tokens to authenticate and manage your bucket data securely.


curl -XPOST -d ''

200 OK

  "bucket_id": "9t7yo",
  "read_key": "c9-read-1234",
  "write_key": "c9-write-1234",
  "admin_key": "c9-admin-1234"
curl -XPUT $

-H "Authorization: Bearer c9-write-1234"

-d "hello"

200 OK


curl $

-H "Authorization: Bearer c9-read-1234"

200 OK


Instant replication to your own data store

You own your data. That's why CloudState allows you to connect buckets that you own, to your own database. Once connected, all your bucket data is effortlessly synchronized with every write.

Customer profile user interface

Managed state done right.

Open source

Our core codebase is free and open-source. The same code that powers the mangaged platform, is available for you to fork, use and self-host.

API first

A simple, intuitive API that makes it easy to build any type of application that uses a key-value store.

Insanely fast

Switch to the eventual consistency mode for high throughput applications, just by manipulating the API call.


Coming soon - map-reduce your whole bucket state in real-time. Unlocking use-cases that were previously impossible with key-value stores.